Professional Services

Executive Trusted Advisory: Growth catalyst, digital transformation, expansion, internationalization, strategic partners, business development blueprints, go-to-market strategies, profit models, channels, shadow management.

Performance Marketing and CRM Blueprint: We deliver a process re-design for performance marketing platforms, and especially HIPs (Hybrid Integrated Platforms). This is especially useful for siloed organizations in which a cross-channel, through-the-funnel process transformation holds potential to reduce execution cost and times to market, and fully liberate the power and value of data-lead practices.

WON has executed projects for enterprise clients in HIP digital marketing landscapes that included the setting up and integrating of new SaaS systems with initiative goals that included: to speed and simplify campaign executions (templating forms, supporting processes, embedded KPIs); to create meaningful performance indicators to support optimization (marketing datawarehouses and reporting visualizations);  to boost marketing business performance and resource allocation decision support(ROMI Return on Marketing Investment) – in real time. Processes included within scope of such projects typically include:  relevant KPI definitions; master/meta data model design and management; demand generation; landing page optimization; user tracking and profiling; smart form template design integrating data capture;  data normalization, validation and enrichment; real time dynamic audience segmentation and personas generation; content testing; application of artificial intelligence to support relevant processes to cut costs, reveal insights, speed key processes.

B2B Account Based Marketing & Sales: We have worked with global brands to improve alignment of marketing to sales. This includes designing optimized MQL processes and data models, data flows between systems, process designs around lead distribution, nurturing campaigns, social selling; account-based sales engagement reporting dashboards leveraging digital behavioral signals per account, across geographies to guide value-added sales engagement. We have recently added a cutting-edge ABS&M training methodology to our offering to super charge capabilities to close large complex deals.

Innovation workshops: Growth hacking, platforms, product-service-profit model innovation

Creative Action

Everything we do is designed to produce a measurable impact on your business.

Performance Marketing: For clients seeking to activate one or more channels, quickly and effectively – FBCA, RSLA, DSP, POS, digital radio/tv, SEO, social influencer, CRM and/or onsite campaigns, we offer The Catalyst an exciting alternative to the classic agency model united around common performance KPI framework and ROI accountability platform to better guide marketing resource allocations. We along with our partners have a proven track record of delivered performance marketing services to brands since 2006. For example, for some auto brands this includes generating 10% to 25% of all onsite sales lead opportunities. For some B2B brands, we have generated between $10 and $50+ million in incremental sales opportunities in less than 18 months. Our influencer marketing and media partners are globally recognized for their entrepreneurial culture, effectiveness and award-winning delivery. (See The Catalyst).

Execution Speed: For those in a hurry to boost business results in digital marketing we business integrate highly innovative cloud services and managed services on top of existing client Ad-Martech stacks. These can be activated within 2 to 30 days with minimal ICT/on-boarding efforts required. (see Cloud Services)

Audience Orchestration:: Why orchestrate channels when you can orchestrate audiences and deploy them across channel engagement points to deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right person. We offer a CIP – customer intelligence platform that helps clients bridge adtec and marktech, to generate real time audiences and delivers them to the points of engagement across all digital channels. This can be activated within days for most channels. The WON CIP technology provider is ideal for clients that have rules-based automation systems requiring FTEs, and/or have a HIP (hybrid integrations platform) that use different customer IDs per channel, limiting data-lead practices. Our CIP option with which we have worked since 2003, simplifies the complexity, speeds execution, and augments data enrichment possibilities.

Digital Framework for Action: CMOs, CIOs, CTOs, CEOs can find digital complexity overwhelming to tackle. To reduce the risk, clarify communications between departments, WON has developed a framework called Conversation City, a framework for digital automation with a strong economic foundation .

This has been applied to several enterprises where it has successfully simplified the understanding of complex digital landscapes. How it works: Our team scans the existing client landscape of data flows, data generating systems, supporting ICT structures, KPIs, department owners, and glossary of terms. These are represented within a visualization resembling a map. Based on this can management can do several things including better set priorities around quick wins, mid and long-term initiatives based on business outcomes desired; build bridges across silos towards an omnichannel culture; support purchasing and procurement processes and contracting; increase overall efficiencies.

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