Latest Apple Privacy Policy Impact on Email & CDP Adoption

AI+Intent signals funneled through a CDP will empower marketers in a future without 3rd Party cookies and now, without open rate, time of day, and device tracking for email.

Creative interpretation of intent data linked to contextually relevant creative content will determine the winners within the battle theatre of digital engagement and conversion.

And as for dynamic content that changes according to the time of day? This should still be fine via digital media and for visitors arriving from email for example, on website landing pages – but not within an email itself.

Creative content testing? Subject lines and AB testing will be impacted as only CTRs and conversions (not open rates) will be trackable, requiring larger audience samples on which to base test winners. Creative image testing such as MVT testing solutions delivered by 8Seconds, that use UID tracking, seems like they will not be impacted by this recent change since each image will have its own unique URL. Clicks are not impacted at all by the change and actually in other articles about this topic, it is recommended to go away from open->click metrics and keep clicks as the key KPI.

Are you ready to change your KPIs, and content strategies to meet the demands of this new situation? Please share your ideas. See Apple’s latest policy likely to kick in by Q4 FY’21 here:

Apple’s “Mail Privacy Protection” is an Earthquake for Email Marketers | Trendline Interactive

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