Cloud Services

Customer Intelligence Platform (CIP): Real time relevant audience segmentation and enrichment for cross channel syndication including CMS, CRM, Facebook, Instagram, Search RSLA, DSP, digital radio, POS.

Incremental Conversions: Onsite lead generation and sales conversion

Profile Exporter: CRM data enrichment to enrich profiles and support relevant triggered personalized communications.

AI Automated Marketing Mix Modeling:  Building a bridge between the CFO and CMO with a common language and platform to make better marketing and sales resource choices based on actual impact of marketing and sales investments on profit, revenue, cashflow.

Image Based Content Testing: Via email, marketers can test up to 64 combinations in real time to find the best content per segment targeted.

Form Builder:  Plug-in enabling the creation of templates and emails without need for html, the only solution to enable creation of responsive versions deigned separately for desktop and mobile.

Master Data Manager: With version and user rights access controls

Campaign Manager: Application to enter campaign budgets, manage campaign naming and generate Campaign IDs which can be use cross channel, and link to reporting

Product Data:  A place to store products, prices, average deal sizes, and other related attributes required to support reporting and/or other master data supported functions

Translation Manager:  A single point to store language versions, that can then support applications across the digital landscape.

Normalization, Validation and Enrichment Data Application:  Enables the cleaning of data from multiple sources before being ingested into centralized data bases. 

Digital video content marketing, acquisition, delivery.

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