Who we are

Founded in 2000, we specialize in addressing growth challenges.

Won is a growth catalyst.  We co-entrepreneur with enterprise seeking ways to build leverage to accelerate with a clear economic foundation.

For enterprises, the need for efficiency, speed and simplicity of go-to-market execution is increasing with pressure on businesses to do more with less while remaining competitive.

Based on CMO interviews, Gartner predicts that in 2019 almost 30% of marketing budgets are being spent on Marktech.  Over 10% of CMOs say they will invest heavily into marketing innovation, with a dramatic shift towards data-lead practices, and yet, amazingly, most markets focus on metrics with little meaning outside their silos. This is especially the case in HIP’s (best-of-breed hybrid integrated platforms). And most technology vendors focus on tech stack architectures, but ignore the processes required to drive maximum business results.Typically, this results in the under utilization of marketing automation capabilities purchased and the generation of lots of under exploited data.

WON’s methodology and framework* considers the entire end-to-end processes within the ecosystem, linked to the organization and the technologies. The WON approach bridges the data silos with a simple to execute data unification of campaign ID’s and customer ID’s that flow across systems and throughout the customer journey from awareness to purchase through to loyalty phases are required, to fully liberate the potential of data supported capabilities.

WON offers clients effective, flexible, creative ways to nurture growth ecosystems and platforms and to make returns on investments visible.  We have a unique and proprietary way to co-design growth blueprints that simplify the hybrid digital landscape, cut waste, enrich customer experiences, and establish strong market positions with profitable outcomes.   We help clients extend capabilities beyond basic digital transformation to support fully, real time data-led practices including: AI assisted customer intelligence, segmentation, marketing performance, predictive analytics; Experience Innovation and personalization; Automation – always on execution; Trust and Security. 

Our team of experts and partners offers clients access to exceptional talent on flexible terms to super charge growth initiatives.   It is our creative, dynamic way of combining these elements together into recipes that deliver that makes our capabilities unique.

For young ventures we offer ways to accelerate expansion leveraging the WON ecosystem of existing customers and partners.

We have extensive experience in both B2B and the B2C domains, globally and regionally.

*The WON Framework is called Conversation City.


Our passion is to make companies go viral, especially those that radically shift the way we live towards a more sustainable future.

Our Philosophy

We regard business as a form of living art, an effective behavioral change agent with the power to transform the way we live to make the world a better place.  We engage inspired participants that fearlessly embrace the ethos of purposeful business.  We believe purpose lead organizations have the potential to tackle the greatest global challenges, thrive financially, while feeling personal fulfillment at the same time.  The ability to grow business in sustainable and profitable ways is core to our way of working.  We don’t believe in innovation for its own sake.  Everything we do is designed to have measurable business outcomes linked to investments made. We are not bound by convention. We behave collaboratively with respect to all stakeholders to which interests are mutually aligned.  Selling through-put, or hours is not our ambition:  We are delighted when we have worked ourselves out of a job – when it’s because our clients have become empowered to do it on their own.

We measure success when our clients and their customers and partners and suppliers feel so excited that they spontaneously virally share their “growth epics” to which we have contributed in some way, large or small.

How can we benefit you? In situations where your primary objectives are to increase revenue by:

  1. Speeding market expansion 
  2. Re-evaluating your business and digital strategy approach towards marketing efficiency and effectiveness
  3. Identifying and attacking new markets for your products, even if this means significant change, and/or rapidly developing new products and services in response to new market opportunities
  4. Building markets in Europe, Middle East and/or Africa, while being headquartered overseas.

We help you achieve tangible business results more easily. We help you drive sales and marketing functions by developing your capabilities to respond with agility to emerging market opportunities. Our approach enables you to embrace risk and smart experimentation to drive top-line growth, and to maintain constant focus on optimum opportunities for profitable revenue.

Won and its participants are designed to serve companies in partnership. We help you:

  • Shorten time-to-market with new products and services.
  • Aggressively generate new sales opportunities.
  • Innovate and experiment with sales and marketing techniques and new product and service offerings Align action, people, process and technology behind strategy, on a daily basis.
  • Creatively reach new markets and customers.
  • Adopt digital innovation & technology that fuels sales growth and speeds product innovation.
  • Scale to your needs with just-in-time resourcing

By reducing our dependency on expensive overheads, cost eating bricks and mortar, we offer fluidity, flexibility and the speed to change on short notice as needed. 

The founder of WON strongly believes that companies gain critical time to market by buying in experience. The gains at the execution level can be exponential when leveraging external support right at the start of strategic development. External facilitative participants can help to reduce politics, ego-jacked decision-making, and save time by bringing in best practices from the outside. This quickly avoids re-inventing the wheel for the same problems. 

The founder of WON also believes that the means is just as important as the ends when it comes to building a truly great brand. Every part of the value chain must be congruent with the whole i.e. outsourcing to service providers that do not share similar basic values and principles (i.e. on labor, environment, and quality) will not support the health of a strong brand and lasting market position. 

Like the vibrations of a fine tuning fork, corporate values must resonate clearly in all that we do. Well-aligned brand identities have the to sustain the seductive power to attract like a magnet the right kinds of people and inspire the right kinds of behavior required to achieve truly great aspirations.

Branded Network

WON offers you access to a multi-sourced environment of participants – agencies, service providers, and free-agent professionals. They have been pre-qualified on the basis of key criteria to ensure a standard of delivery, common purpose and assurance. 

Common Purpose:  Won participants join the network to achieve the following objectives:

  • Quality: To offer customers external service provider (ESN) assurance with a standard guarantee for the quality of work delivered.
  • Growth: Ambitious to achieve above average results, performance oriented dedicated towards building, growing and developing the networks capacity to deliver business outcome based strategies and executions, mindful of sustainability.
  • Collaboration & Partnership: To create opportunity sharing networks where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. To share the joys, risks and rewards of joint efforts.
  • Knowledge Network: To create a self-learning network through the sharing of best practices around key business processes.
  • Community: To engender and nurture a sense of community among professionals with similar values and aspirations.
Core Values RAVE
  1. Reliability – Trust. Consistently delivering on our service promise.
  2. Responsiveness – Flexibility, agility, speed, and good value.
  3. Assurance – Seasoned domain expertise, competence, knowledge.
  4. Vision – Share a networked world paradigm, citizen of the world outlook.
  5. Empathy – Customer focused, understanding individual needs and requirements.
  6. Ethical congruency – Values based first; to achieve financial, environmental, social, sustainable results – while having fun in the process.
  7. EDGE – Energizing (the spark), decisive, grit, execution; shared risk and reward oriented.
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